Photos of Westminster

Dispatch from York

Westminster - The Clock Strikes Noon - 09-12-12

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m going to back track with some photo posts. This one is about the City of Westminster, a borough of Greater London and where some of the most famous buildings of London are located (such as Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and 10 Downing Street). I’m going to group the shots by subject.

Big Ben

Westminster - Details of the Clock - 09-12-12

Westminster - Nine-Forty-Five - 09-12-12

Westminster - Big Ben Against the Clouds - 09-12-12

Westminster - Churchill Dominate Big Ben - 09-12-12
The statue in the foreground is of an older Winston Churchill.

Parliament Building

Westminster - Lion-Hearted - 09-12-12
The statue is of Richard the Lionheart.

Westminster - Parliament Along the Thames - 09-12-12

Westminster - Decorations Repeat - 09-12-12

Westminster - Parliament From the West - 09-12-12

Westminster Abbey

Note: Sadly, photography isn’t allowed within the main part of the Abbey. But take a look at their webpage or the Wikipedia page, and you’ll get an idea of the amazing amount of historically famous people buried there (kings, queens, scientists, poets, etc.).

And a funny side note: the audio tour is narrated by Jeremy Irons. I waited through the entire thing for him to say “Simon says,” in a bad German accent, and was very disappointed when it didn’t happen.

Westminster - True Gargolye - 09-12-12

Westminster - Cloisters of Westminiter Abby - 09-12-12

Westminster - Dragon on the Abbey - 09-12-12

Westminster - Ancient Chapel - 09-12-12

Westminster - Revelations - 09-12-12

Westminster - Long Story - 09-12-12

Westminster - Cafe In a Grand Hallway - 09-12-12

Buckingham Palace and About

Westminster - One Man Guards - 09-12-12

Westminster - The Horse Guard - 09-12-12

Westminster - We Are Not Amused - 09-12-12

Westminster - The March - 09-12-12

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